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In order to offer our customers with the latest technology in regards to plumbing, Aquastil constantly relies on innovation. We used the most modern and up-to-date products and installation techniques, both in installation work and houses and/or communities maintenance, as well as in renovations and new constructions. We have leak detection equipment available.

Central heating

We carry out comprehensive central heating projects (radiant floor, wall radiators, etc.), using gas boilers, heat pumps, diesel equipment, etc., which are presented with the preliminary study. We offer the periodic maintenance of the installation once completed. All these offered through a highly qualified team with extensive experience on the subject, enabling us to always guarantee the best solution for each case

Air Conditioning

No more feeling cold or hot at home or at the office. Through our qualified technical team we offer you a complete installation and maintenance service for air conditioning appliances. We work with the top brands in the market which, partnered with our large experience in the sector, helps us to offer you the best quality in our installations, as well as all the appropriate warranties.

Additionally, we take care of checking any kind of issue on the appliance or the installation when necessary, and we offer you a quick and efficient solution.

Renewable energies

We have a large range of top quality products for taking advantage of renewable energies, as well as a trained technical team, which enables us to offer you a solution fully adapted to the characteristics of each particular case. You will be able to enjoy considerable savings in your electric bill thanks to this kind of installations and, at the same time, contribute to the protection of the environment and sustainability of our planet.


Gas is a very affordable and safe form of energy that has no service interruptions. At Aquastil we carry out comprehensive gas installations as well as regular check-ups of the boiler or heater at the building, and the quality of our materials and of our work system are the top priority. We comply with all safety protocols in order to ensure our customers' well-being and piece of mind.

Fire protection

We have the newest fire protection systems currently offered in the market available for you. We carry out the installation and maintenance of all kinds of fire protection systems and equipment, ranging from modern and efficient smoke detectors to top quality extinguishers. We also offer you solutions and guidance regarding fire doors or general structure fireproofing.


We have the latest developments in chimneys to heat your home. To achieve this, we keep up with new technologies, increasingly more environmentally-friendly, which enables us to advice you on the most cost-effective and efficient models. We have a broad range of wood-burning, electric, or gas chimneys, and even the new bioethanol chimneys, smoke-free and with a high decorative value

Water treatment for households

We have an interesting array of water treatment options for households: Water decalcifiers and filters, as well as as modern reverse osmosis machines for you to have clean drinking water available directly from your household tap. Top quality water, free from bacteria, odours, and taste, and with all the advantages and convenience this entails, including large medium-term cost savings. With these devices you can forget about always having to purchase and carry bottled water forever.

Comprehensive renovation

In order to achieve the perfect finishing, the installations involving plumbing, gas, heating, cooling, renewable energies, etc. require a careful construction work in most of the cases. Being aware of this, at Aquastil we also offer masonry repairs and installation of tiles, floors, interior walls, etc. Everything you need so you don't have to worry about anything.

All of this through a customised service, the utmost reliability and professionalism. We are at your own disposal from the moment you request a quote up until the renovation project is completed. Our best warranty is our customers' satisfaction.


A department within Aquastil Group with an extensive experience in the sector, offering products and services related to pools construction, installation, technical support, and maintenance. Services related to water treatment and pools and spas maintenance:

  • Pool treatment and maintenance
  • Technical support and repairs
  • Filtration systems
  • Salt water chlorination systems (neolysis systems and dosing systems)
  • Renovations and repairs (pool structure repair, grouting, etc.)
  • Pools construction and design  
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Heating
  • Pool covers
  • Spas and mini pools  
  • Special partner of USSPA

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